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Our Sidewall Shingles are manufactured from our highest grade #1 green shingles which have been kiln dried, rebutted and rejointed.

They are specifically designed for sidewall application.


Available Sizes and Grades

• #1 18" RR (rebutted-rejointed), Sanded, Non-sanded, Natural Groove, Bandsawn


• #1 18" RR available in Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Sanded, Non-Sanded and Natural Groove


• #1 18" Shingles are available in 1 square and 1/2 square cartons. One square carton covers 100 sq. ft. at the recommended 14" double course exposure. 8" is the maximum exposure recommended for single course. 


• #1 24" RR (rebutted-rejointed), Sanded, Non-sanded, Natural Groove


• #1 24" shingles are available in 1/2 square cartons. Two 1/2 square cartons cover 100 sq. ft. at the recommended 16" double course exposure. 10.5" is the maximum exposure recommended for single course.


Sanded shingles have a smooth sanded face on one side producing a very clean, uniform look. Guaranteed A face, A butt.


Natural Groove shingles have a striated or combed face on one side.

Non-sanded have a circular sawn or a bandsawn face.

Summary of Sizes and Coverage Table

Characteristics & Advantages of a Sidewall Shingle

Product Coverage Calculator



Available Stains

Stain sidewall shingles are available in:

• Transparent Stain

• Semi-transparent Stain

• Most Semi-solid Stains


Prime sidewall shingles are available in:

• Prime Gray (solid body oil-based stain)

• Prime White (solid body oil-based stain)

Sanded RR Shingle
RR Alaskan Yellow Cedar Natural Groove Sidewall Shingle
RR Sidewall Shingle
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