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Characteristic of a Sidewall Shingle 

• Manufactured from Old Growth Western Red Cedar

• 100% Edge Grain

• Kiln dried to 10-13% moisture content.

• Machine trimmed for exactly parallel edges.

• Butt sawn at precise right angles.

• Highest grade shingle manufactured.

• Natural beauty and durability unmatched.



Advantages of using Kiln Dried Sidewall Shingles vs. Green Shingles

• Ready for application.

• Minimal shrinkage on wall after application.

• Product has been cured and stabilized via kiln drying.

• Ready for coating (staining or painting).

• No moisture between sheathing and shingle.

• No trimming or edging is necessary before application.

• Product has been graded at least four times

• Energy conservation; highest R-Factor of all widely used sidings.

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