If you’re paying to have your corners woven or if you are considering using Corner boards, then our preassembled Mitered Corners are for you!


Miller Mastercraft Corners offer true custom crafts-manship that no other corner can match. Our corners add the finishing touch to your home. Due to difficulty, skill time and cost, most installers today do not miter corners. Until now, homeowners have had two options for their corners, corner boards or woven corners.


We now offer a mitered corner that is the best product and the best value available. In addition to their inherent beauty, the value is in the installation time compared to a woven corner. A good installer takes at least an hour to weave 6 lineal feet. Our corner takes less than 5 minutes to install 6 lineal feet.


Advantages of using Miller Mastercraft Mitered Corners:


            • We use water-proof glue and stainless steel  fasteners in                            fabricating corners.

• More durable than woven corners, since miters are glued  and nailed.

• Uniform

• Established story lines

• Installs quickly

• Saves on installation cost

• Available in sections and singles

• Each story is random and appears to be  handcrafted in     place

• No Flat Grain exposed as with woven corners (flat  grain     takes stains differently than vertical grain).


Miller Mastercraft Mitered Corners are available in:


• Inside Corners, Outside Corners, Column Corners, Custom Sloped and angled corners.

• Individual Mitered Corners (recommended for most corner applications)

• 6’ Corner Sections (recommended for columns)

• Pre-stained, Pre-primed or Natural (raw)


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